Who is James Ivan Greco



Author, doodler, geek, Scotch drinker, and disposable fountain pen owner, I was first published in the Spring 1998 issue of Absolute Magnitude Magazine with a short story called “The Road to Wealth”. My novels include the Scoundrels of the Wasteland series,  Rocketship Patrol, The Zombie Makers, and Dungeon Breakers. I live in the future post-apocalyptic wasteland that is southwestern Ohio.



  • The Road to Wealth (Short Story, Spring 1998 Absolute Magnitude Magazine)
  • Edgy and the Void (Short Story, Summer 2005 Far Sector SFFH)
  • Greed Sloth Arrogance and Shame (Collection, 2011)
  • Scoundrels of the Wasteland #1: Take the All-Mart! (2011)
  • The Zombie Makers (2011)
  • Scoundrels of the Wasteland #2: We’re Going to War! (2012)
  • Rocketship Patrol (2012)
  • Spill (2012)
  • Super Space Dinosaur Rescue Team: Stop that Shooting Star! (2014)
  • Dungeon Breakers and the Tower of Doom! (2014)
  • Bernice’s Ghosts (2015)
  • Ninja Fights! (2016)
  • Yuki Feldman: Licensed Space Pirate (2016)
  • Scoundrels of the Wasteland #3: Death From Above! (2017)
  • Driftwood’s Discount School for Adventurers: Driftwood Goes on Vacation (2017)

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